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Unmasked by SpiritHoliday
"I see you~!"

I just wanted to mess around with stuff in Photoshop and I used my character Bella as a subject, messing around with her design a bit while I was at it. I'm actually pretty proud of how this came out except for how her mask is too big, I noticed it after I started coloring the line-art but I didn't want to mess with the lines to fix it. XD

Bella (C) Me forever and always~
Haunted by SpiritHoliday
Dexter and the trio of mean old haunter brothers that follow him around owo the haunters' names from left to right are Izek, Aezuro, and Lerkan.
The brothers became haunters when they died but they retained the characteristics of their past selves to an extent. C;

All Characters (C) ME
Random Doodle by SpiritHoliday
Random Doodle
Just a random silly thing i whipped up in a few minutes showing off Dexter's massive fear of water OvO he'll literally either freeze up, pass out, or scream if he gets anywhere near any kind of water really.
I originally meant to have the "internally screaming" text animated to flash for funsies but deviantart was giving me issues with it sooo no flashing text sorry. :c

Dexter (C) Me
Golden Freddy by SpiritHoliday
Golden Freddy
Quick thing that i created because I really like Five Nights at Freddy's and I wanted to do some fanart of my favorite bear :>
GF and Foxy are my favorite animatronics~
Poke Fusion 2 by SpiritHoliday
Poke Fusion 2
This little guy is the result of a conversation between me and a good friend. >v< The name of the fusion is darkua, and it's a fusion of darkrai and zorua~ I am a dummy! 
My sister and my friend introduced me to this cool site where you basically adopt and raise dragon eggs, called Dragon Cave.
I already have four dragon eggs~ :> 

Help my eggs grow please, just click the images below. Every click and view counts! EDIT 5/28/2014: No more sick eggs yay! :dummy:
Also, here's a link to my scroll where all of my dragons are shown! [link]


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

I hope you like my doodles of my imagination's wanderings.

Because my imagination can wander pretty far sometimes and poof up some crazy stuff.

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